Keep Your Eye On The Rib Eye

Little Texas launches for the first time a limited-edition steak of Italian beef, matured for 120 days.

Starting June 9, gourmet extravaganza lovers will have the unique opportunity in Iasi to enjoy a steak obtained in a dry maturation process for 120 days.
Head Chef’s initiative, Marian Zancianu, continues the policy of Little Texas complex to offer its customers unique gastronomic experiences. Rib-Eye (with bone) is a part of the intercostal region and is one of the most delicious part of the beef due to its fatty fiber that passes through it and the bone that gives it a great taste.

Long maturing gives the steak a strong and intense flavor.

The medium rare steak, prepared in the special charcoal furnace, is served with asparagus, two sauces of choice, and a glass of red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, produced in Italy (Casa Vinicola Bennati, Gadum, Cabernet Sauvignon).

Rib Eye parts matured for 120 days are limited edition and will be served on a reservation basis. Reservations: 0741.740.740.

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